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Sunet Wagner

Location: South Africa

Unlocking potential is Sunet’s core purpose when engaging with teams and addressing organisational design and development. As an entrepreneur straight out of varsity (2002) she developed a passion, heart and understanding for emerging small, medium micro-sized (SMMEs) and mid-sized enterprises. She has a varied academic background in entrepreneurship, law, accounting, project management, design thinking and coaching. Her successes and failures have set her up as the ideal partner when taking your life or business to the next level. Her greatest value-add to corporate companies, is to assist them in cultivating an entrepreneurial and innovation culture through applying internationally renowned design thinking processes with their teams and departments. Here is a question she would like to leave you with: “Are you ready to prepare your fields for rain?”

Pieter has more than twenty years experience in consulting. He wrote many books, and research papers as well as articles and business strategies. He developed Shadowmatch and played the leading role in the formation and development the NXTmove4.0 system. Pieter lives in South Africa. He facilitates a NXTmove4.0 session via Zoom or face-to-face. Pieter has facilitated more than 80 NXTmove sessions over the last 15 years. Please contact him via email.

André has more than seventeen years experience as a Consultant. His education background is very diverse and he held various executive positions for multinational companies before embarking on his own. He is an active member of several networks that enable access to outcome solutions across the globe. He is bringing extensive knowledge and experience from living and working in South Africa, SEA and the USA. André is available for consulting and facilitation of NXTmove4.0 via Zoom or in person (for USA clients). Please contact André via e-mail to learn more and ensure you schedule your appointment. 

Paul’s Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to unlock the latent leader in everyone he meets so that he can positively impact business effectiveness, excellence, and potential in Africa.  As a professional speaker, facilitator / trainer, leadership specialist and executive coach he can engage with business owners, boards, and teams to make a lasting impact. With 26 years of corporate experience in a large organisation and seven years as a small business owner, Paul is ideally positioned to understand your business and facilitate your next move.

Jozef Myburgh is a Business Coach and Turnaround artist. He evolved from a process improvement skillset, all the way to change facilitation and human capital development. His academic background is as varied, with a legal degree, an MBA and entrepreneurial studies. Growing your business or saving your business is where you will need Jozef’s guidance.

Andre has been involved in the establishment and management of business start-ups and executive management for over 20 years. He has a diploma in Computer Programming and Business Systems Engineering and has practical knowledge from presentation experience with large corporations at board and senior level. Andre has focused on the growth and globalization of brands throughout South Africa, Africa, South America, North America and South-East Asia. He has negotiated the start up, finance and sale of several business over his entrepreneurial and consulting career to date. Andre is passionate about making an impact in society and communities around us and is driven to make a change via the resources available in our business world and will strive to assist his clients to achieve their goals by the same means. 

Lourens is a senior member of the CCI Professional team – a consulting house that specialises in Industry 4 enabled human capital investment strategies. He has led multiple NXTmove and other Shadowmatch solution processes within organisations, showing effective results. His expertise includes mastery of leadership, organization design, multicultural engagement optimization, business / entrepreneurial consulting and various other worldview and spiritual intelligence fields. Lourens holds a structured and research-based Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in the USA. 

With his NXTmove accreditation, Melt brings a unique perspective to his consulting and coaching services. He utilizes the NXTmove methodology to analyze businesses, identify areas for improvement, and align them with world-class practices. This comprehensive approach enables Melt to help business leaders optimize their operations, maximize efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.
Through Success Enabled, Melt van Schoor empowers business leaders to unlock their business’s full potential and navigate complex challenges. By combining his wealth of experience, qualifications, and NXTmove accreditation, Melt provides exceptional service and delivers tangible results for his clients. His commitment to excellence and passion for driving success make him a trusted advisor for business leaders seeking to achieve their goals.

Dr. Jan Niemand is a business and executive coach (registered Association of Business Coaches – RCC and CBC and COMENSA Master Coach) and Shadowmatch organisational and strategic HR  and business consultant.  He has led many successful projects where the Shadowmatch consultation system, Shadowmatch coaching system and NxtMove system is been implemented very successfully.  He is passionate about making use of rigorous and reliable data, while retaining that unique human touch when dealing with clients. 

Dr Marcel’s core passion is to see that leaders and their organisations grow exponentially.  As a business leader and entrepreneur, he has over 15 years of executive and board-level experience within multiple industries.  He has a diverse academic background ranging from a doctorate in organisational leadership to qualifications in social and biological sciences.  He is an internationally sought-after speaker, consultant, author and guest lecturer.

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