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Authors: Pieter de Villiers, Lizette de Villiers & Jan Niemand 

Through the Looking Glass into the Mirror

Perspectives On The Future Of Business, Education, Patenting, Politics and more 

This book is for everybody. It is an easy read with emphasis on practical, everyday things that touch the lives of many people. It is based on existing patterns that are used to anticipate future developments in specific areas. The aim is to inform and share ideas. The authors are convinced that the things they anticipate will happen. Patterns and trends are the most reliable constructs to use when it is necessary to anticipate future events. Although some themes and topics in the book may sound like a repetition of anticipated trends, it has been repeated to indicate the importance of what will happen, what to do and how to best under-stand changes. It has also been written to integrate different areas of change and how it will influence the same space of our existence. An example will explain. Changing weather patterns will influence the way we work, build business, produce food and the places where people live. The authors trust that you will experience this as an information rich experience with practical value for your life. 



  • The fourth industrial revolution
  • Strategic future perspectives



  • Politics of the future
  • Ethics and religion of the future
  • Risks — global and local
  • Weather
  • Optimal personal lifestyle of the future



  • Business of the future  
  • Personal relationships of the future
  • Parenting of the future
  • Optimal less-stress lifestyle into the future
  • The call for new leaders

Author: Pieter de Villiers 

Industry 4.0: The Implications for Business and Careers: Time to rethink, replan and redesign.

This publication is short, information-rich with minimal detail. If the reader is not informed about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, begin by watching at least one of the videos listed at the end of this publication as basic information. In the shortest explanation possible, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about the automation of the workplace, the production plant, manufacturing, communication and services. The automation must be intelligent, interactive, self-directing, teachable and auto-directional. The technology must be able to learn and adapt.


  • What will be Automated?
  • The Core Technologies
  • Implications for Business
  • Implications for Individuals
  • Two Economies
  • Rethink the World of Business
  • Rethink the World of Work
  • Career Progress in a Fourth Industrial Enabled World
  • Which Careers Exist in an Industry 4.0 World of Work?
  • Side Stream Economy Careers
  • Mainstream Employment in Industry 4.0
  • Markings of an Industry 4.0 Business

Authors: Pieter de Villiers, Lizette Bester de Villiers, Chris Laubscher & Guy Krige 

Future Business: The game has changed

One of the most challenging ideas we have to work through is the statement that the future has become part of the presence. If we place this idea in the mindset of the old school ways of doing things, then we just need one additional idea to really understand the complexity of our world. This last idea is the fact that these three realities, (future, present and past) live in the same people, communities and companies. A company can sell the most advanced futuristic products by using old school sales and supply chain methods. Individuals could be research engineers working on ground-breaking software development but they want their children in an old-school type college. A business could have a chief executive officer with an old school mindset of managing employees but sells the most Industry four type of services. The question is: How sustainable is this?

In this publication – Future Business – some of your questions and challenges will be answered. But be careful. Some new questions and answers may surface in your mind. Prepare yourself to be challenged but also to enjoy the adventure of living in such a dynamic frame of history. The best one ever!

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