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Performance management in Industry 4.0

    In an Industry 4.0 business it will be important to innovate when it comes to performance tracking. We will need to make use of smart systems to ensure we track the productivity, quality and outcomes of people!

    Electric vs. Hydrogen energy debate continues

      The race for clean energy sources and mobility technologies for the transportation of humans and goods are steaming ahead with electric vehicles seemingly leading the race. Sales in electric vehicles increased dramatically in 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Micro Agricultural projects the key to rural community development

        As unemployment increases and historic job functions cease to exist, Companies are faced with increased risks of social unrest and increasing crime levels.Those organisations that are highly exposed to rural communities with very little alternative employment opportunities other than at their business, face the highest risk.

        Drones detect greenhouse gas leaks

          ndustry 4.0 – A revolution! Time to rethink, replan and redesign by Pieter De Villiers identifies 8 technology platforms of development that mostly drive Industry 4.0. Most research papers place drones in a separate category because of the prominent role these machines play, despite drones being a specific form of robotic capabilities.

          Virgin Hyperloop is transporting us to the future

            The hyperloop is a mode of transport utilising low air pressure in a sealed tube to propel a pod free of air resistance or friction. The hyperloop could potentially convey people or objects at hypersonic speeds while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to other modes of transport.

            Fingerprint scanning no longer requires touching

              The Covid-19 pandemic propelled technologies that would otherwise not have gained traction and viability or may not have become reality had it not been for the pandemic. Technology viability is to a large extent a product of volume and scale but is often also influenced by external factors, niche market demands or similar trends.

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