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Trend analysis for industry: Farming

    Farming organizations that underwent the NXTmove business design assessment indicated Change Management as their number one business design driver.

    This outcome is most probably related to the environment in which farms operate.

     The farms that conducted the NXTmove4.0 assessment are all situated in one developing country with unique circumstances, challenges, and weather conditions.

    For farming businesses in developed countries, the result could be different.

    The farming industry is one of the oldest and most traditional industries globally, but innovation, technology, and new techniques have reshaped this industry. It is an industry of innovation and progress where new challenges continuously ask for innovative solutions. Weather patterns have become increasingly unpredictable. Access to global markets is continuously under pressure for various reasons. This includes political, product quality animal diseases and logistical challenges. To continuously work around these challenges takes a very strong inclination to change, re-invent and redirect. These factors are part of the farming, and the assessments have shown that this leadership attribute must become part of the design and business culture. This has implications on recruitment, training, deployment of technology, and a business culture that thrives on innovation.

    Corporate governance is the area in which the least amount of business design energy was spent. The farming industry shares this result with several other industries, including Manufacturing. The reason could be related to the ever-changing reality of farming. Governance is related to stable business protocols that repeat and are governed so that governance becomes a critically important aspect for the business. In a business environment where change and innovation are critical design aspects, minimum governance is the smart way to go. The reason is very to understand. Why put governance protocols in place today if things could be radically different tomorrow?

    Authors: Chris Laubscher and Pieter de Villiers


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