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Performance management in Industry 4.0

An Industry 4.0 performance management system should take human integration into account.  Industry 3.0 performance management systems have one specific weakness and that is related to the human factor.

In an Industry 4.0 world, it will no longer be effective to use Industry 3.0 performance management systems. Why? The world has changed. Industry 4.0 is all about automation, human to machine integration, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and robotics. An Industry 3.0 world was a world where people mostly worked at an office or other physical location. This made it easy to track and monitor performance as well as implement development and training interventions.

The pandemic has changed this for good and has accelerated Industry 4.0 in many ways. All of a sudden people are working from home or virtually at any location. How will we track their performance? How will we ensure that they reach the necessary outcomes related to their job?

In an Industry 4.0 business it will be important to innovate when it comes to performance tracking. We will need to make use of smart systems to ensure we track the productivity, quality and outcomes of people! For example, smart systems could monitor the way in which a user uses and navigates the system and automatically generate a performance report. Is your business ready for the Industry 4.0 economy?

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